Sugar Sugar Honey, シュガーシュガーハニー
Rank: 2967th, it has 1.7K monthly / 4.8K total views.
Authors: Suzuki yufuko
Artists: Suzuki yufuko
Genres: Manga , Josei(W) , Comedy , Romance
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Read direction: Right to Left
Original work: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2021
"I shouldn't get involved with him..." - Despite her heart's warnings, she just can't pull herself away from his sweet seduction. Mizuki, a former marathon runner with a penchant for anything sugary, has now begun working at a hotel. She has zero experience in customer service, and is clumsy and socially challenged to boot. She's been slipping up repeatedly at work, which has only made things awkward with her coworkers. But when she runs into Kaji, the handsome hotel patissier/rumored womanizer, and accidentally vents her work frustration at him, he decides to appoint her as the test taster for his new creations?! Former runner/dessert-lover meets charming pastry chef in this heart-racingly sweet romance!
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Chapters (5)

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Chapter 5
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 2
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Chapter 1
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